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We The Five
Make this abode of creature on this tiny planet. The Earth, Water, Sky, Fire and the Air where each one of us blossom, nurture and fulfill our joyous moment.
We The Five
Gather the sense of belongingness that makes us unique in all aspects of life the Knowledge, Wisdom and Prejudice. Through this we See, Feel, Touch, Sense and Smell which are the gate ways to know this wonderful world.
We The Five
Which teach us to preserve whatever is good and worthwhile which we have inherited form our culture. It has the capacity to transform diseased mind into a very young fresh, innocent health natural and attentive mind. Which leads us to fulfillment of the joy and sorrow .Personal, Social, Spiritual, Moral and Behavioral which contributes to our all round development.
We The Five
Truth, Jnana, Daya, Peace and Mercy are the qualities sine queue none of Indian culture ingrained in us of good values for the foundation of our life.
We The Five
Head, Heart, Hand, Health and the Human mind complete harmonious development of integrated growth of body mind and spirit to unfold the truth within us.
We The Five
The panchsheel are the five basic concepts that are elementary to personality development .Self confidence, Self reliance, Self knowledge, Self control and Self-sacrifice to be the guiding principles of our being as human.
We The Five
That gives Strength, Stamina, Patience, Perseverance the Spirit de core are the spokes of wheels of this cycle of competence. The Desire, Devotion, discipline and Destination to full feel the ambition of life.
We The Five
Honest servicemen with you to assist you in disguise. What, Why, When, Who and Where. As it said someone born with silver spoon in his mouth but I felt some one born with a bag of challenges and bundles of adversities, which in turn impossible into possible shedding away this difficulties and fad way all this patenting problem over coming challenges to eat with gold spoon.
We The Five
Dare to dream, Dare to try, Dare to fail, Dare to dedicate, Dare to reach your destination. All the 5 D’s will, assist you to a great extent to enable you to understand your area of success. It’s varies to the strength of the effort expanded to it.
We The Five
Make the state of matter in formation that shows the existences of this Universe which comprises of solid, liquid, gas, plasma and the Bose Einstein Condensate. The tiny brain function in the field of chemistry, biology, physics mathematics and Information Technology from which the sculptures, philosophers and research fellow being produced.
We The Five
For human organism life starts with the continuous process of growth and development, which undergoes qualitative and quantitative changes in his Physical, Intellectual, Mental, Spiritual, Moral Character and Social sphere through the stages of prenatal, stage of infancy, childhood, adolescent and the adulthood which one has to churned out into a fine human begins.
We The Five
Can develop your confidence, if you lay some more effort to Increase your self-knowledge, Don’t undermine your worth, Recognizes your potentials, Understand your basic duty and Don’t drag your past.
We The Five
My first duty is to my country My second duty is to my parents My third duty is to those below me My fourth duty is to those above me Last duty is to my own gain.
We The Five
Honest specimen with you to help you in disguise, What, Why, Who, Where and When. As it said someone born with Silver spoon in his mouth but if all some are born with a bag of challenges and bundle of adversities, which in turn impossible in to possible shedding away their difficulties and fading away all their pasting problems overcoming challenges to eat with Gold spoon.
U P Dalvi
Section Master


Money May Not Always Buy Happiness

There lived a man in a far away land,
They called him king, let’s call him Ming;
He had a big house, a beautiful wife
A loving daughter was his pride.
He didn’t have a worry to bother him,
Coffers full of gold, he was too rich for us to believe,
He was happy, or so he believed,
His daughter was joyful, for love was her creed.
She loved a man from hinterland,
His job was paltry, his income faulty-
Still she loved him for what he was,
Not for who he was.
The obvious conclusion prevailed,
Daddy said no, no questions entertained;
She was heartbroken,
As is always the case,
Ran away with the pauper
Leaving her family in disgrace.
Now Ming was adamant,
She would never be welcome again;
But a dad’s heart is more potent than his head,
Fatherly love did prevail.
Four years he searched for her,
Four years he didn’t sleep in peace,
Four years later he found her-
A doting husband, two bonny sons
An ideal family, affluence all shunned
That day Ming had a revelation,
That love always prevailed,
Money was momentary,
Materialism never paid.
He had all the riches in the world
But without his daughter,
The happiness was nulled.
Money can buy you fame,
But money can never buy you love.

Cadet Vijayant Rana
Class IX

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